Bring Your Tape Measure to Greensboro Open Houses

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Greensboro Home SalesIt’s almost Open House season, the time of year where the warm, Spring weather makes a nice environment for potential buyers to explore open houses in neighborhoods or homes that they find inviting. At Smith Marketing, Inc., we help our buyers prepare to visit Greensboro open houses. There are a few recommended items to bring along with you, as mentioned on

“Here are four things to bring to an open house:
Tape measure
Folder to organize spec sheets and flyers”

Tape measures are useful for measuring areas that your furniture will go in, especially in the bedrooms and living room. You may have a king-sized bed and large dresser in the bedroom, so you have to make sure that you can arrange them comfortably in the potential new master bedroom. Take your smartphone or small camera so you can review and compare homes, after you have visited a few open houses. That way, you will have an accurate picture of the home’s interior and exterior features. A notebook is a great item to take along with you, so you can write notes about your observations as you walk through Greensboro Open Houses.

Essential Questions to Ask at Greensboro Open Houses

You’ve got your notebook and folder, and you’re ready with your tools to make your Open House visit worth your time. There are some great questions to ask regarding the home’s condition, so you can learn more about the home’s history, age, and upkeep:

“Consider asking these questions:
When was the house built? (Houses built pre-1978 used lead paint.)
What renovations were made and when?
When was the home listed? (The longer it’s been on the market, the more likely it is to be overpriced.)
If you have kids, ask about the local school district

Asking questions is key, but you should keep a bit of a poker face – in a competitive market, you want to keep your thoughts to yourself until it’s actually time to negotiate a deal. Keep your ears open for what other folks who walk through the home are saying. They may note things about the home or neighborhood that you hadn’t yet noticed.”

Look for Potential Signs of Damage or Poor Construction

You may be visualizing your move into the home because it has all of the features and amenities that are on your list, however it is crucial to keep your eyes open for any signs of damage or poorly constructed areas of the home. Following are some tips regarding your overall inspection of the Greensboro open house:

“When you attend an open house, start by examining the neighborhood. Check the overall condition of the nearby houses, paying attention to the upkeep in the surrounding area. In addition, keep an eye out for any potential maintenance issues on the exterior of the open house, including peeling paint, cracks or missing roof shingles/tiles. Remember that open houses are designed for the home to look great. Keep a critical eye as you enter the house and walk from room to room.”

“Look out all the windows and check the view, because changing the view is something you can’t easily fix. Don’t be afraid to open cabinets and drawers. Examine storage areas and closets and consider if the storage is adequate for you and your family. Feel free to turn on the water in the kitchen and bathrooms to make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Your professional real estate agent can assist you with detailed comps and neighborhood information, along with in depth analysis of the open house, before you arrive to the home. At Smith Marketing, Inc. we make sure that our buyers are prepared and informed prior to stepping into a potential new home. Call our office today to speak to one of our real estate agents about upcoming Greensboro Open Houses: 336-215-7880.

Source: Buyer’s Perspective: How to Approach an Open House,, 2014