Greensboro Mortgage Bankers Team Starkey

Kelly and John Starkey have been in the real estate industry their entire careers. 

During her 30 years in the mortgage business, Kelly has worked in all aspects of lending. She’s an expert in structuring a loan to fit her clients’ needs. The Starkeys work with a dedicated team who are each experts in a piece of the homeownership puzzle. “That’s very important to achieving a smooth closing,” says Kelly.

John, a licensed general contractor, has worked primarily in new home sales. He’s very familiar with home construction, sales, and inspections — knowledge he puts to work for REALTORS® and home buyers. “Our goal is to help everyone who desires to own a home figure out the best way to get there,” he says.

Greensboro mortgage banker Kelly Starkey is dedicated to the task of helping potential home buyers realize their dreams. She is an ally to first-time home buyers and experienced home buyers alike, offering sound advice and reassurance. When you apply for a mortgage in Greensboro with Kelly, you can expect unwavering support from the application process to the final closing date.
Since 1980, Kelly Starkey has been working in the banking and mortgage industry, learning from each customer and gaining valuable experience. She listens to her customers and builds a relationship of honesty and mutual trust that allows her to provide the best mortgage options for each individual or family. Kelly recently joined Atlantic Bay’s new Greensboro branch, offering her expertise to home buyers, real estate agents, and builders in the Triad. “At Atlantic Bay, we have products that would work for any of those people,” Kelly says. “We have a lot of tools that we make available to our builders, to our Realtors and to buyers. We are creating a brand in the market here and have the full support of Atlantic Bay behind us.” We are fortunate that Kelly has joined the Greensboro mortgage industry.

Greensboro Mortgages: One size does not fit all

A mortgage lender who understands the importance of considering the complete financial profile of an individual or couple is an invaluable resource. “Buyers are looking for a lender who understands their situation, one that can provide accurate information and advice as they approach the largest purchase of their lives,” Kelly says. “I analyze their current financial situation and make recommendations based on this. It’s important to me that we don’t over obligate people or allow them to over obligate themselves. I help people understand the whole scope of what they’re about to embark on. At Atlantic Bay, we have the ability to work with our clients to customize a mortgage product to fit their specific needs.” Kelly understands that sound financial decisions when entering into a mortgage contract benefits the buyer as well as the lender. When considering Greensboro mortgages, turn to Kelly Starkey.



More than a mortgage banker in Greensboro: Kelly Starkey is a good neighbor

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Kelly Starkey is invested in the community. She sits on the board for the Greensboro Urban Ministries and participates in her church as an elder. Kelly is a member of the following organizations: the Board of Realtors, the Homebuilders Association, the Greensboro Merchants Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Summit Rotary, and the Greensboro Sports Council. Regarding her employer’s commitment to the community, she says, “I was impressed with Atlantic Bay because of their commitment to each community in which they serve. Atlantic Bay Cares is proof of this, donating tens of thousands of dollars each year to local charities nominated by employees.” Kelly says that helping people purchase homes benefits the local economy, and she is proud to be a part of that. As a member of the Greensboro community, Kelly says she wants to give back in as many ways as possible, in both the professional and personal aspects of her life.

Home Logreensboro mortgage brokerans in Greensboro: An experienced banker is essential

Home buyers, real estate agents, and builders can all benefit from the knowledge and experience of a reliable mortgage banker like Kelly Starkey. She puts people at ease so that an honest discussion can take place regarding such a large financial undertaking. Kelly is well-organized and meets deadlines so that every step of the home buying process goes smoothly. Put your home loans in Greensboro in the capable hands of Kelly Starkey.