• Wendi Gedzun :

    Wendi Gedzun


    Wendi works to bring the highest value to her clients. She believes that each client should feel like her only client and receive a unique and personalized experience.

    847-858-1315 |

  • Randall Allred : Realtor®, Broker

    Randall Allred

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 382-5135

    "To give real service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity!" - Douglas Adams

    (336) 382-5135 |

  • Loretta Morton : Realtor®, Broker

    Loretta Morton

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 327-1698

    Licensed in North Carolina. Selling the Triad.

    (336) 327-1698 |

  • Bobbi McEntee : Realtor®, Broker

    Bobbi McEntee

    Realtor®, Broker


    I've been working as a real estate professional since 2003. The result: a referrals-driven business from happy clients & personal satisfaction.

    336-324-0902 |

  • Bobbie Dunn : Realtor®, Broker

    Bobbie Dunn

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 362-1501

    Licensed in North Carolina. Selling the Triad.

    (336) 362-1501 |

  • Ashley Hodgin : Realtor®, Broker

    Ashley Hodgin

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 908-4363

    Licensed in North Carolina. Selling the Triad.

    (336) 908-4363 |

  • Katie Simmons : Realtor®, Broker

    Katie Simmons

    Realtor®, Broker


    Experienced local Realtor, born and raised in Greensboro.

    336-501-3548 |

  • Laura Alexander : Realtor®, Broker

    Laura Alexander

    Realtor®, Broker


    Onsite agent for Crosspoint Homes in the Bridleton Ridge community offering single family homes from the high $200’s.

    336-382-1821 |

  • Leslie Baldwin : Realtor®, Broker

    Leslie Baldwin

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 430-9054

    I have always believed in the American Dream of owning a home. Let me help you with the Dream.

    (336) 430-9054 |

  • Diana Prochnow : Realtor®, Broker

    Diana Prochnow

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 848-6400

    Buying or selling a home is a life changing experience. I am dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized service to all of my clients.

    (336) 848-6400 |

  • Julie Olive : Realtor®, Broker

    Julie Olive

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 509-2346

    Energetic, Down to Earth and Fun! Combine this with my professional attitude, and we are guaranteed to achieve what "YOU" need.

    (336) 509-2346 |

  • Caroline Walker :

    Caroline Walker


    I find great joy in helping people find a home that fits their needs, lifestyle & budget. I am passionate and it is my goal to provide my clients with knowledgeable, professional, and personal service.

    336-554-5828 |

  • Bryan Walker :

    Bryan Walker


    Licensed in North Carolina, selling the Triad.

    336-686-0079 |

  • Mike Jones :

    Mike Jones


    I work with a results-driven approach to marketing to achieve proven results with the best client experience possible. Technology and my lifetime knowledge of the area are assets to my approach.

    336-750-6453 |

  • Rebecca Whitney :

    Rebecca Whitney


    Licensed in North Carolina, selling the Triad.

    336-509-5265 |

  • Jennifer Moore : Realtor®, Broker

    Jennifer Moore

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 455-0023

    My love for building relationships drives my career. It brings me joy to help clients sell their homes quickly and find their dream home.

    (336) 455-0023 |

  • Betty Smith : Owner, President, Realtor®, Broker

    Betty Smith

    Owner, President, Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 451-4923

    While serving as President of Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association and Greensboro Builders Association, Betty was REALTOR OF THE YEAR in 2010. She is the co-owner of Smith Marketing, Inc., and has been in the real estate business for 40 years, with outstanding service to buyers and sellers in the Greensboro area.

    (336) 451-4923 |

  • Jason Smith : Owner, Sr. Vice President, Realtor®, Broker

    Jason Smith

    Owner, Sr. Vice President, Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 451-4921

    Jason Smith, Realtor®, Broker, is owner and Sr. Vice President of Smith Marketing, Inc. For 10 years, Jason has been a dominant force in the new home community, a member of the Greensboro Home Builders Association, as well as past Board of Directors member and Associate of the Year in 2007. He specializes in new construction, existing home sales, and land development opportunities. Working with the area's top developers and custom home builders, Jason can help you find the perfect home.

    (336) 451-4921 |

  • Jeff Smith : Owner, Sr. Vice President, Realtor®, Broker

    Jeff Smith

    Owner, Sr. Vice President, Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 215-7880

    Licensed in North Carolina and a member of the Chairman’s Circle, Jeff is owner and Sr. Vice President of Smith Marketing, Inc. He is a Monthly Top Performer, also receiving the 4th Quarter VIP for his committed attention, high level service, and results-driven accountability for his buyers and sellers.

    (336) 215-7880 |

  • Jim Duncan : Sales Manager, Realtor®, Broker

    Jim Duncan

    Sales Manager, Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 509-1907

    Born and raised here in the Triad, Jim received a Bachelor of Science in Business from Elon. He has been in Real Estate since 1999. He has worked in nearly every area of the real estate industry including new construction, foreclosures, short sales, investors, and residential re-sales and purchases. Jim has teamed up with Smith Marketing to provide Smith’s community and all their clients the best and most experienced real estate assistance possible. In joining forces with Smith Marketing, they are now the largest team in the Allen Tate family with the largest dollar volume sales and listings within the entire company.

    (336) 509-1907 |

  • Tonya Gilbert : Realtor®, Broker, Sales Manager

    Tonya Gilbert

    Realtor®, Broker, Sales Manager

    (336) 215-7138

    Tonya has been a licensed real estate broker since 1991 and is a member of numerous Realtor and builder associations. She works closely with builders, sellers, and buyers to fulfill their needs with exceptional service. 

    (336) 215-7138 |

  • Deanna Autry : Realtor®, Broker

    Deanna Autry

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 587-4281

    Committed to quality customer care and awarded Monthly Top Performer, Chairman’s Circle & 4th Quarter VIP.

    (336) 587-4281 |

  • Noelle Dauler : Realtor®, Broker

    Noelle Dauler

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 451-5212

    Noelle is a licensed broker since 2000. She has worked in real estate for over 25 years and oversees office operations plus closing coordination.

    (336) 451-5212 |

  • Tara Davis : Realtor®, Broker

    Tara Davis

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 516-0118

    Offering legendary customer service, Tara’s real estate knowledge helps to create lasting relationships & long-term success in real estate sales.

    (336) 516-0118 |

  • Jenni Dunn : Realtor®, Broker

    Jenni Dunn

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 253-1827

    Licensed in North Carolina and selling the Triad.

    (336) 253-1827 |

  • Elizabeth Farabee : Realtor®, Broker

    Elizabeth Farabee

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 681-3828

    Elizabeth joined Smith Marketing in 2018 and has been in real estate since 2012. She is responsible for listing coordination and marketing.

    (336) 681-3828 |

  • Stephanie Mabe : Realtor®, Broker

    Stephanie Mabe

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 542-6675

    I believe a house is a material object, but a home is a foundation for love & family. I welcome the opportunity to assist you with all your real estate needs!

    (336) 542-6675 |

  • Ann Powell : Realtor®, Broker

    Ann Powell

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 327-3473

    A member of the Chairman’s Circle, Ann was also elected 4th Quarter VIP & Monthly Top Performer for her visionary skillfulness working with clients.

    (336) 327-3473 |

  • Steve Powell : Realtor®, Broker

    Steve Powell

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 324-3940

    Awarded Chairman’s Circle, 4th Quarter VIP, & Monthly Top Performer. Steve delivers effective & efficient experiences for all of his clients.

    (336) 324-3940 |

  • Gail Ramsburg : Realtor®, Broker

    Gail Ramsburg

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 215-1103

    Onsite representative for D. Stone Builders custom built twin & single homes at Blakeney at Old Irving Park and Village Wodos, Gail proficiently assists buyers.

    (336) 215-1103 |

  • Tammy Rice : Realtor®, Broker

    Tammy Rice

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 516-3596

    "Tammy Rice gave us the assurance that she was there for us and would go that extra mile for us."
    Ben & Sandy

    (336) 516-3596 |

  • Kelly Trexler : Realtor®, Broker

    Kelly Trexler

    Realtor®, Broker

    (336) 669-5256

    A start in new construction in 2001 instilled a passion for real estate in Kelly, she was licensed in 2008. She aids clients with advice, expertise, and a smile. 

    (336) 669-5256 |